The Mozilla Foundation's project to build a generation of web makers (More info)
Select a component to see open bugs in that component:
For bugs related to Mozilla Webmaker Badges
Blog posts, mailings, social media and general comms
User experience and design for our tools, web site and content.
For bugs related to deploying Webmaker products and sites, server issues, and the day-to-day operations and monitoring of Webmaker
Community contribution. Moving people from users to supporters to contributors.
For bugs relating to the organization of Mozilla Webmaker Events, for example the Mozilla Festival, Summer Campaign, etc.
For general bugs related to the webmaker.org product.
For bugs and solution-driven actions of Hive Learning Networks
For bugs relating to Mozilla's Webmaker Localization
SSO for webmaker.org
Serves content on makes.org
ElasticSearch-backed API for recording Make metadata
Our big global learning campaign with events, partnerships and celebration.
For bugs related to Webmaker metrics, such as Google Analytics, statsd, dashboards, etc.
Description: For bugs relating to Mozilla's Popcorn Maker media editing tool and site (more info)
Description: For bugs related to Mozilla's popcorn.js JavaScript library (more info).
For bugs relating to Mozilla's Webmaker User Profiles
Product support for the Webmaker tools and website on SUMO and beyond
Open educational resources for teaching web literacy
For bugs relating to Mozilla's Thimble HTML tool (more info)
Teaching people how to teach the web. Open online courses, training and professional development
Usability testing, co-design and making Webmaker easier to use.
For bugs relating to Mozilla's Webmaker suite bootstrap and install script.
Description: For bugs related to the development of webmaker.org, including the site's code, Persona, login, dashboard, backpack, etc. Bugs related to more specific tools hosted within webmaker.org (e.g., Popcorn Maker, Thimble, ...) belong in those components.
https://welcome.webmaker.org/ Static landing pages for Webmaker marketing. Repo found at https://github.com/mozilla/webmaker-landing-pages
The X-Ray goggles page inspection/mixing tool