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Desktop client needs ability to go full screen in a call.


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As a FF browser user in a call I can go full screen so that I can see the other person better.

See comment 2 for suggested UX.


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What's the UX here? There's no button on the call ui for going full-screen.

The only button we seem to have is the one for popping out into the separate window.

On Mac this can be expanded to full screen, on other platforms, we can only make the window full-size.

We'll also need the layout for the window if it is anything different to the current conversation window (though I'm assuming not).
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Ya, this was supposed to be in 35 and not part of the MVP, so it's not in there. I would suggest using the same icon as (top right) but put it in the toolbar in the same style as the mic/video buttons. Let me know if thats enough or if you want a mockup to show you.
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Duplicate of this bug: 1115360
Sevaan, I think you had UX for this somewhere although I can't find it?
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Bug 1087938 - [UX] Design UX for full screen mode on link clicker UI
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(In reply to Sevaan Franks [:sevaan] from comment #5)
> Bug 1087938 - [UX] Design UX for full screen mode on link clicker UI

Thanks but that's the link clicker although this bug is about desktop client UI. Do we have UX for the desktop client UI full screen feature?
Hey Romain, it's included in the same bug. See the attachment:
Pulled the spec out of the link clicker bug.
Thanks :)
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Resolving as WON'T FIX since full screen video is not relevant anymore for Websharing (focus on web content shared).
Closed: 6 years ago
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