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[B2G][Tarako]Twitter closes when composing a tweet


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(Keywords: memory-footprint, perf, Whiteboard: [c=memory p= s= u=tarako] [MemShrink:P3] [tarako-exploratory], LMK [partner-blocker])


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Twitter will close shortly after starting to compose a tweet.

Prerequisites: Have an active twitter account.

Repro Steps:
1) Update a Tarako to BuildID: 20140429014002
2) Open and sign into Twitter
3) Press the compose button (square with a quill pen icon)

Twitter will close shortly after opening the compose screen

Twitter does not close when composing a tweet.

1.3T Environmental Variables:
Device: Tarako 1.3T MOZ
BuildID: 20140429014002
Gaia: b5adc5a943d3abbd6ab070a47c847f2c24891cc5
Gecko: e9890f5d4709
Version: 28.1
Firmware Version: sp6821

Notes: This bug was opened per comment 6 on bug 998455

Repro frequency: 100%
See attached: logcat, firewatch report, video
This issue does not occur on 1.3 Buri.

1.3 Environmental Variables:
Device: Buri 1.3 MOZ
BuildID: 20140425024003
Gaia: 32a9e3db738e0b3bc44a4d4d5c16512a2617a2cf
Gecko: c96b0cf6343f
Version: 28.0
Firmware Version: v1.2-device.cfg

User can compose and send a tweet without the app closing.
Nomming, although I'm wondering if this is related to 1003317 somehow.
blocking-b2g: --- → 1.3T?
Whiteboard: [tarako-exploratory] → [tarako-exploratory], LMK
Keywords: footprint, perf
Whiteboard: [tarako-exploratory], LMK → [tarako-exploratory], LMK [MemShrink]
ni? Harald, wonder if you will have further input on this? Thanks
Flags: needinfo?(hkirschner)
Harald, for this to be actionable, we'd need a profile to help us pinpoint the source of the issue.  Here's the instructions for profiling:
Whiteboard: [tarako-exploratory], LMK [MemShrink] → [tarako-exploratory], LMK [MemShrink][c=memory p= s= u=]
Priority: -- → P1
Whiteboard: [tarako-exploratory], LMK [MemShrink][c=memory p= s= u=] → [tarako-exploratory], LMK [MemShrink][c=memory p= s= u=Tarako]
triage: twitter is a must have for tarako. 1.3T+
blocking-b2g: 1.3T? → 1.3T+
let's move this back to 1.3T?, partner has different feedback on Twitter
blocking-b2g: 1.3T+ → 1.3T?
needinfo/qawanted for profiling
Flags: needinfo?(nhirata.bugzilla)
Keywords: qawanted

The twitter app had LMK'ed while trying the profile was trying to stabilize it.  Not sure if I captured enough.
Flags: needinfo?(nhirata.bugzilla) → needinfo?(dhuseby)
Waiting for dnuseby's basic investigation here..we know twitter is a memory intensive website but if we can have some work around that may help.
triage: let's put this to backlog and continue the investigation without blocking tarako
blocking-b2g: 1.3T? → backlog
Flags: needinfo?(dhuseby)
Whiteboard: [tarako-exploratory], LMK [MemShrink][c=memory p= s= u=Tarako] → [tarako-exploratory], LMK [MemShrink][c=memory p= s= u=backlog]
Whiteboard: [tarako-exploratory], LMK [MemShrink][c=memory p= s= u=backlog] → [tarako-exploratory], LMK [MemShrink:P3][c=memory p= s= u=backlog]
Priority: P1 → P3
Whiteboard: [tarako-exploratory], LMK [MemShrink:P3][c=memory p= s= u=backlog] → [tarako-exploratory], LMK [MemShrink:P3][c=memory p= s= u=backlog] [partner-blocker]
We'll meet with Twitter today and will talk about Tarako and related bugs.
Flags: needinfo?(hkirschner)
We met with Twitter and found out that they have a low-res version of their mobile website. 

In order to test the low-res version of Twitter, you can use the user agent string below, provided by Twitter. Follow steps Harald explained in comment 80 in the bug #1007019 ( and use the string below for Twitter.
Harald tested this low-res Twitter app and monitored the memory usage, which is on average 11MB. It must be noted that the low-res version does not have a photo upload feature.

Mozilla/5.0 (Series40; Nokia311/03.81; Profile/MIDP-2.1 Configuration/CLDC-1.1) Gecko/20100401 S40OviBrowser/
Whiteboard: [tarako-exploratory], LMK [MemShrink:P3][c=memory p= s= u=backlog] [partner-blocker] → [c=memory p= s= u=tarako] [MemShrink:P3] [tarako-exploratory], LMK [partner-blocker]
blocking-b2g: backlog → ---
Closing out old Firefox OS specific memshrink bugs.
Closed: 2 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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