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Disable "Get a call url" button and provide in-progress feedback when getting a call url


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User Story

Things to do:

- Disable "Get a call url" button as soon as it is clicked
- Provide an in-progress indication from when "Get a call url" is clicked until the result is received
- Ensure the "Get a call url" button is re-enabled when getting a new url.


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Currently when we get a call url, we don't update the display until we have the result - this can allow the user to click twice and generate two or more requests unnecessarily.

In bug 994151 I will be introducing potential further delays for service registration on the first time requests, and maybe on the first time after load (if it is quick).

Therefore, I think we should have some sort of disabling of the call url button and an in-progress indication.

This seems like it can be separate to bug 994151, so separating it out here.
Maybe @tOkeshu or @NiKo could pick this up on Monday.
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Dan convinced me that the UX around this area might change, so it would be worth waiting until we've got a better UX definition.

I can manage bug 994151 slightly differently, so pushing this out to MVP.
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No longer blocks: 994151
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I'll just add a spinning wheel or something in the meanwhile, so the user has a sense that the operation is pending.
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