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Drive CSS standards through gaia header work


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See bug 968483. Here are the current layout case I see:

Centered header across viewport
 - Does not account for buttons

Repositions itself when text overflows into buttons.
 - The repositioned header is centered within content that would cause it to truncate.
 - New property, "center-context" or similar. Values of fit, viewport.
 - New pseudo-selector, ::overflow to override the center-context property.

Shrinks text size on overflow once we can no longer reposition.
 - Text should maintain centering as we shrink the text.

Truncates the text if we reach some minimum font size.
 - Ensure text-overflow: ellipsis works with all of these cases.


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Rik told me about some work that adobe is doing on some new CSS modules. We may be able to leverage some of these to get what we need. (I don't think it will cover everything, but we may be able to use some of it for the centering problem.

CSS Shapes:
CSS Exclusions:
CSS Regions:
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I'm going to close this for now as I don't see a lot of value in keeping it open. It seems we have failed to do this - if this was something we had been strict about I guess we would either have some CSS properties in some standardization track, or would've polyfilled some of the CSS support in comment 2.

In any case, let's close it for now, and look for ways that we can improve the web with platform standards for what gaia-header is doing, and migrate gaia-header to use those when we get time.
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