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Allow customizing name of generated Eclipse project


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Bug 973770 introduced the ability to generate an Eclipse project for the Gecko source tree using "./mach build-backend -b CppEclipse".

The name of the resulting generated project is always "gecko", and as a result the title of an Eclipse window with project open is something like "C/C++ - gecko/tree/<some_path> - Eclipse".

If you are developing on multiple trees (something that's useful in general and which is made much easier by the ability to generate Eclipse projects easily), this title is the same for all trees, which makes it difficult to distinguish between your different Eclipse instances.

I proposed adding an option to specify the name of the generated project to be something other than "gecko" (for example, "gecko-aurora"), perhaps using an additional option to "build-backend", as in "./mach build-backend -b CppEclipse -projectname gecko-aurora".
Depends on: 973770
You can right click on the "Gecko" root item in the Project Explorer on the left-hand side and select "Rename...". (Best to do that before the initial indexing since, annoyingly, you need to reindex after the rename.) Do you need anything more than that?
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Renaming the project after the fact should be good enough.

(These days I don't rely on the window title to tell apart different trees anyways. Rather, I use a different background color for each tree.)
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