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Fork Firebug and distribute it with SeaMonkey ('SeaBug'?)


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SeaMonkey is lacking any decent built-in developer tools, and Venkman is ancient and very unpleasant to use, having a very bad interface and (in my experience) crashing a lot.  Firebug basically works in SeaMonkey today, but its install.rdf doesn't have SeaMonkey in it and the developers of Firebug don't seem interested in SeaMonkey anymore.  Whatsmore, it can't be used to debug internal browser chrome files.

I say we should fork Firebug and distribute it with SeaMonkey (and maintain it) in the same way we do the DOM Inspector.  That would both give SeaMonkey a nice set of built-in developer tools, as well as a way to debug its chrome which is a million times nicer than Venkman.

Firebug is distributed under a BSD license so this would seem to be OK.

I think it is time to close this bug. Venkman and Firebug are dead.
We are shipping the Mozilla devtools with the latest SeaMonkey versions. Best trying to improve their integration into SM for now.

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