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Remove unnecessary JSContext argument to nsContentUtils::GetContentSecurityPolicy


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I'm interested in working on this.  Quick question though... if we're just removing JSContext* parameters, is there a set of unit tests that already covers the code that's being modified since it doesn't sound like behavior is changing?
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If the code compiles, it should be fine :-)
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Yeah, that's what I figured.  Hopefully I can get some time to work on it today.  Thanks!
I am currently working on this bug and would like to submit a patch. Do you have to be assigned to this bug to submit patches and if so, may I request to be assigned to this bug?
You are welcome to submit patches without being assigned. In general for newcomers we wait to assign them until there's a code submission.
I've completed my initial changes and confirmed it compiled and ran successfully. Should I test my changes before attaching the patch or is successful compilation good enough?
In this case compilation is fine. :-)
This is a partial patch; full bugfix WIP.
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I just realized that the function I changed was not a part of the comments in the Description. Should I revert my changes and should we only change the functions described in those comments?
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Bug 1006671 - Remove JSContext argument in nsScriptSecurityManager::ReportError()

Review of attachment 8453578 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: caps/src/nsScriptSecurityManager.cpp
@@ -794,5 @@
> -            do_GetService(";1"));
> -        NS_ENSURE_TRUE(console, NS_ERROR_FAILURE);
> -
> -        console->LogStringMessage(message.get());
> -    }

This part indicates that the JSContext argument is still being used and shouldn't be removed.

I just realized that this bug was kind of confusingly filed. The links in comment 0 discuss two functions: nsContentUtils::GetContentSecurityPolicy, and nsScriptSecurityManager::ContentSecurityPolicyPermitsJSAction. The former isn't on nsScriptSecurityManager, and the latter actually does make use of its JSContext argument (in the call to DescribeScriptedCaller).

So let's clarify this bug to be about nsContentUtils::GetContentSecurityPolicy. Sorry for the confusion!
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Summary: Remove unnecessary JSContext argument to various functions on nsScriptSecurityManager → Remove unnecessary JSContext argument to nsContentUtils::GetContentSecurityPolicy
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Looks great! r=me :-)
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Pushing this to the tryserver. The only real danger here is compilation bustage.
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