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Split out a refcountless nsArray base class


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I keep needing this, so I should just get it reviewed and landed.
Currently, nsArray uses threadsafe refcounting, while nsArrayCC uses non-threadsafe refcounting, but inherits from nsArray, thus shadowing the refcounting implementation of nsArray.  I am going to create a new nsArrayBase class that has no refcounting, and then make nsArray and nsArrayCC inherit from it.
I don't understand. The only reason I can see somebody needing nsArray is because you need to pass it around to scriptable stuff. Otherwise why not just use nsTArray?

Arguably we should get rid of nsIArray/nsArray/nsArrayCC altogether.
I don't know why anybody uses it, I'm just trying to get rid of the shadowing of mRefCnt.
(Because if I can statically prevent the shadowing of mRefCnt I can prevent a certain class of cycle collector errors like bug 1004630.)
I'll give bsmedberg the right of first refusal here, in case he has some objections.

try run:
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