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Broken page layout on


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Not set


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See attached screenshot.
I see the same layout problems going to on Firefox desktop. It's probably just an evangelism issue since I see loads of webkit-prefixed styles.
Summary: Rendering on is broken → Broken page layout on
Component: Graphics, Panning and Zooming → Mobile
Product: Firefox for Android → Tech Evangelism
Specifically they have this in their CSS:

transform:perspective(0) translate(-260px, 0);

And we don't recognize this as a valid transform value. The perspective(0) part causes the CSS property to get ignored and so the translate is thrown out as well.
Hardware: All → ARM
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Hmmm that looks like a bug of Gecko.

transform may have multiple list of values. 

Though I could not find the appropriate bug for it

Or did I miss something?
oh more subtle indeed.

This would work
	transform:perspective(1px) translate(-260px, 0);

But not these
	transform:perspective(0px) translate(-260px, 0);
	transform:perspective(0) translate(-260px, 0);

And indeed the spec says:

> The value for depth must be greater than zero, otherwise the function is invalid.

Good luck with that and WebKit implementing it.
made a test case
so this one is NOT fixed by layout.css.prefixes.webkit;true
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I filed to spec the "zero perspective transform quirk", it's probably something we need to implement. Before filing a bug on that, I want to understand why the menu is open (maybe same issue, dunno).
(OK, yep, that seems to be the main issue here, like Karl said in Comment #4)

Karl, can we try to do outreach while we get this specced and (possibly) implemented?
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I (cheekily) tested with different values to see what could work ^_^

I will find contacts. Switching to needscontact.
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> © 2010- 2016, Metropolitan Transportation Commission. All rights reserved. 

They have a form for contact at

The site is made by

I explained how to fix it.

> Thank you for contacting us.
> Your confirmation number is: 83551739.
> You may be contacted via your email address:  kdubost@…
Thanks Xidorn.
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thanks karl and xidorn!
> Dear Karl,
> Thank you for contacting the Clipper Customer Service Center.
> The information has been forwarded to management.  
> Please let me know if I can assist you further.
Xidorn, is there a bug on file to move towards what you describe here?
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See Also: → 1274158
Filed bug 1274158.
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Bug 1274158 is fixed now, probably we can close this bug as well?
Yep, confirmed FIXED on nightly. Thanks Xidorn!
Closed: 7 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Depends on: 1274158
Product: Tech Evangelism → Web Compatibility
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