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Replace uses of RefPtr with nsRefPtr in gfx/layers/apz/


(Core :: Panning and Zooming, defect)

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(Reporter: kats, Assigned: rafael1705r)


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Pretty trivial first bug. In gfx/layers/apz/src/AsyncPanZoomController.h defines the AsyncPanZoomController class, which contains a RefPtr<AsyncPanZoomAnimation> field. Convert this RefPtr to a nsRefPtr - there should be no changes needed other than changing the one declaration line, since the two are almost identical.
Could I try?
Sure, go ahead!
Assignee: nobody → rafael1705r
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Bug 1009228: Converting RefPtr<AsyncPanZoomAnimation> field to nsRefPtr<AsyncPanZoomAnimation> at line 749

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This looks good :)

Just one small thing: the commit messages we use generally don't refer to line numbers. For a patch this small it's best to just have a really simple commit message like "Bug 1009228 - Replace use of RefPtr with nsRefPtr". You can also append "r〓kats" since I have reviewed it. With those changes you'll have a patch ready for checkin. Thanks for the quick patch!
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The new comment =)
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Bug 1009228 - Replace use of RefPtr with nsRefPtr

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Perfect, thanks! To have it checked in we generally set the checkin-needed keyword on the bug rather than use the checkin flags on the attachment. I can do that.
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Nice work Rafael! I encourage you to find some more challenging bugs to work on, now that you have a few under your belt :)
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