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Do a survey of how other similar sites do login


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We should look at how other major services are implementing login – what options do they allow? What are limitations and opportunities?

Specificially, let's look at sites on a similar scale and with similar purview (like codeacademy, etc)
I have a pile of screenshots I'll drop in here after I add comments. For now, this diagram aims to give a quick view of the patterns that often appear in these systems.
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There are some small notes in pink on the screenshots. Top level summary above. I reviewed desktop and mobile for: code academy, code school, codepen, js fiddle, kahn academy, and a few other sites.
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Here's a diagram that summarizes many of the primary user flows.

This is great mattheww. I also love the slide deck with all of the other sites flows.
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Notes and screenshots of login/signup from other sites.

Matthew, this survey and login flow is excellent. This should inform the prototype in really useful ways. Here's some feedback, but feel free to resolve this bug!

* admittedly, i like that sign in / sign up have equal weight on codecademy, that one isn't favoured over the other.
* this is nice: when they select a user name, under username field (codepen) list address: so they know how to find their profile.
* like clean on boarding on code school
* like that code school takes you to the profile info. could have obvious action to "skip this step"
* Some of the email confimations w/ clear links are nice. we should refer to these when writing copy for the emails.
* like the easy 1-2-3 graphic on Doodle. However that infers we have a clear way we want people to use webmaker -- not true right now. Unless we chose something like, 'make something, 
see Scenarios written in bug 1009810
* Like how you showed the account info options on the Doodle screens once user is logged in. Can we see this on the prototype?
* Sad that Persona was most like Duolingo!
* Do like how simple IFFT is.
* The parents/teachers thing was interesting on Khan, but not something we need to consider right now.

This would make an excellent blog post at some point.
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