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[email] icon check for 2.0 redesign


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2.0 S3 (6june)


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The attachment contains all of the graphics I have integrated so far for the 2.0 redesign, and some are still the older style.

I think it would be easier if Fang were to update the icons in these folders with any that are missing, preserving the names where the new icon is just a replacement for the old one.

This list of icons came from the email 2.0 refresh branch (bug950208-email-2.0-visual-refresh), in this folder:

Some notes:

* The message list icon to enter edit mode seems to be a different shade of gray than the refresh icon. I believe the refresh icon is the correct one to use, I took it from the calendar 2.0 drawer.

* Similar shade of gray question around the icons used for actions while in edit mode in the message list, as well as the message-list-attachment icon shown for messages that have attachments in the message list.

* Some icons are actually different styles compared to the regular @1.5x and @2x sizes. edit-mode@1.5x.png vs edit-mode@2x.png is an example.

* I removed the @2.25x images that were in the repo -- not all icons had a 2.25x version anyway, so it seemed inconsistent. If they are needed, then please make sure all icons have one of that size.

* Not all have a "pressed" state either. If there are ones that should have a pressed state, then add them with a "_press" suffix (with a full range of @ sizes), and I can wire them into the UI.

If Fang can attach a zip with those updates, then I will take it and apply it to the 2.0 branch.
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Hi James, 

Thanks for all the notes and this icon folder. 
I will check and fix all the icons, and update them asap! Thanks!
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Attached the updated email icons. Please let me know if there are any problems. Thanks!
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Target Milestone: 2.0 S2 (23may) → 2.0 S3 (6june)
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