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Create v2.0 update to Web Literacy Map


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The Web Literacy Map is currently at v1.1 and will remain like that until the Mozilla Festival 2014. That's for the reasons outlined here:

In the run up to any work changes being made, we need to collect any issues people have had.

Current v1.1:
Development area (wiki):

* 'Strands' are collections of related competencies (i.e. Exploring, Building, Connecting)
* 'Competencies' are collections of skills (e.g. 'Privacy', 'Remixing', 'Coding/scripting')
* 'Skills' are the most granular elements of the Web Literacy Map (e.g. 'Reading, evaluating, and manipulating URLs')

Please be as precise as possible with the language that you use to describe the issue. Of course, if the terminology itself is confusing, that's something else to discuss. ;-)
Assignee: nobody → doug
Let's plan a MozFest session.

Part of:
Summary: [Post-MozFest 2014] Update Web Literacy Map to v2.0 → Start planning v2.0 update to Web Literacy Map
Whiteboard: [4sept14] [weblitpathways][mozfest]
Whiteboard: [4sept14] [weblitpathways][mozfest] → [aug22] [4sept14] [weblitpathways][mozfest]
Currently interviewing people to get feedback on v1.1 of the Web Literacy Map and desired features/updates for a v2.0.

Useful links:
Wrapping up last few interviews this week. Should end up with around 40.

Pulling out themes in following etherpad, then plan is to follow up with a community survey:
Summary: Start planning v2.0 update to Web Literacy Map → Create v2.0 update to Web Literacy Map
Added emerging themes from interviews to SWOT structure on etherpad:

Next steps:

1. Segment feedback (WebLitMap vs. wider Webmaker)
2. Identify manageable number of proposed changes 
3. Create community survey based on proposed changes
Whiteboard: [aug22] [4sept14] [weblitpathways][mozfest] → [weblitpathways][mozfest]
Captured 21 emerging themes from interviewees and wrote blog post:
Blog post with links to all 38 interviews:
Wiki page collating various things related to WebLitMap v2.0:

Includes link to currently-live survey:
Ran two related MozFest sessions: 

* 'Pathways and Prototypes for Web Literacy' (led by: Karen Smith & Doug Belshaw): 

* Toward v2 of Mozilla's Web Literacy Map (led by: Doug Belshaw, Alvar Maciel, Kim Wilkens, Ibrahima Saar, Tom Salmon):

Doug's MozFest photos:
Community call (3 November):

Focused on Proposal 1: "I believe the Web Literacy Map should explicitly reference the Mozilla manifesto."

DECISION: we will reference the Mozilla Manifesto in the introduction to the Web Literacy Map, and then link to the particular relevant individual principles where appropriate.

e.g. Principle 4 of the Mozilla Manifesto states, "Individuals’ security and privacy on the Internet are fundamental and must not be treated as optional." We could link to this in the 'Security' and 'Privacy' competencies of v1.1 as it currently stands. 

(in point of fact, principle 4 of the Manifesto already links to the 'Security' competency of Web Literacy Map v1.1, so what we're proposing would be a reciprocal link)
Community call (10 November):

Focused on Proposal 2: "I believe the three strands should be renamed 'Reading', 'Writing' and 'Participating'."

We didn't come to a single decision, but whittled the options down to:
* Exploring, Building, Connecting
* Exploring, Building, Participating
* Exploring, Making, Participating

Survey respondents and community call participants rejected re-naming the strands 'Reading', 'Writing' and 'Participating'. However, these might serve as labels to *describe* the strand names.
Wrote up a couple of MozFest sessions around the Web Literacy Map:
Community call (17 November):

Focus was on Proposal 3: "I believe the Web Literacy Map should look more like a 'map'."

However, we didn't get enough people to make continuing with the call worthwhile.

DECISION: Retain 'grid' and explore additional ways to represent the skills and competencies of the Web Literacy Map in 2015.
Closing this and pointing to this blog post:

TL;DR is that we're focusing on a v1.5 and community calls for that will run from this week until the end of March 2015.
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