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Pressing CTRL and clicking on a Element with CSS "display: table" selects all


(Core :: DOM: Selection, defect)

Windows 7
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(Keywords: css3)

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Steps to reproduce:

Open this template from

then just press ctrl and click everywhere and see how everything will marked.

Actual results:

everything within the element which has the css style "display: table" will be marked

Expected results:

nothing should be marked. just like you click the page without holding ctrl
Keywords: css3
Component: Untriaged → Layout: Tables
Product: Firefox → Core
Component: Layout: Tables → Selection
ctrl+click is used to select table cells, no?  This is standard Window UI.  See for example (the "Multiple non-contiguous
cells, rows, or columns" part).
I do not think that this is standard Window or Windows UI. No other Browser will do this. If you build a complex WebApp-Layout with DIV Elements and the "display: table" style, it is really annoying that the ctrl+click behaviour will select the whole page.
> No other Browser will do this.

No other browser supports sane cell selection at all, but that's a bug in those browsers.  Other applications that deal with tables do allow such selections.
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