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search bar and tile hiding can result in fewer than 9 thumbnails appearing on new tab page


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Steps to reproduce:

The newtab page put the top sites of the AwesomeBar into the primary UI and the number of tiles chosen to be featured was decided after great consideration and research. However in adding the search bar, we've reduced the number of tiles available depending on the size of the monitor. This wouldn't affect new users, though it greatly reduces the scope/appeal of sponsored tiles. But it does effect seasoned users who have come to expect to have a certain number of tiles available.

I'd like to propose two fixes: The first is to hide the search box if more tabs have been pinned than can be shown with the search box on the page. After all, it's actually redundant given the search box and AwesomeBar.

Secondly I'd like to propose a hidden pref, where season users can just hide the search box by default anyway.
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Hardware: x86 → All
Adjusting the summary per my understanding of this bug (from bug 962490 comment 109), let me know if it feels incorrect.

Ed: which directory tile bug caused us to switch to hiding thumbnails from the grid in some cases?
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Summary: Ensure ability to retain full speed dial → search bar and tile hiding can result in fewer than 9 thumbnails appearing on new tab page
(In reply to :Gavin Sharp (email from comment #1)
Nope the title is fine. It took me ages to try and think of one that wasn't fifty words. Thank you for the improved summation.
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Possible solutions :
- Allow scrolling into the new tab page
- Restore old behaviour and use SVG for directory tiles images.
See Also: → 1026274
Severity: normal → S3
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