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Blobber upload fails for compressed files on Windows.


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Failure messages look like 

17:51:00     INFO -  IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: 'c:\\docume~1\\cltbld~1.t-x\\locals~1\\temp\\tmp6yk8ik'

This appears to be due to trying to get two handles to a single temporary file. Patch on GitHub.
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Patch to just use a single file handle for compressed files

I tested this with blobberc on Windows and it worked fine for a file that got compressed (.txt), a file that didn't get compressed (.png), and a file that got served with content-disposition attachment (.zip).

Can't believe I wrote the code like that, I've definitely encountered this footgun before.
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I think some of the confusion of that code was from before I fiddled things to pass the filename down to post_file, so it may have been unnecessarily complex.
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What has to happen to land this / get it into production?
mtabara needs to merge that PR, and release a new version to pypi, then someone in releng-land needs to put a new tarball in tooltool and bump the version in mozharness (I know this from getting bug 962356 deployed).

mtabara, rail: can you two make that happen?
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Merged the PR. Released a new version: 1.1.4 (tar ball here - )
Patched mozharness below for after new tar all gets into Moz repo.
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Released a new version of blobuploader (1.1.5) with changes for bug 998796.
Tar ball, as usual - here:
Re-patched mozharness below.
Just a brief reminder, this patch is to be deployed *after*:
1. Blobber server EB2 restart with new changes (bug 998796)
2. Blobuploader tar ball (1.1.5) puppetized in toolttool
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Is there anything I need to do to push this along? Otherwise do we have an ETA on getting the updates deployed? I have some worked blocked on this so it's helpful to know if it will be days or weeks.
It's a matter of 1-2 days usually if there is norhing more urgent in the queue.
Lemme ping Rail about this.
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I'll deploy all the things tomorrow. Canada is off today ;)
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Bump blobuploader version to 1.1.4

The next patch obsoletes this one
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Bump blobuploader version to 1.1.5

default only
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