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Trychooser should not select opt/debug by default and leave the user to choose


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Otherwise we end up with people not thinking/reading and making opt-only pushes when they didn't mean to, meaning things like leaks and assertions are only found when landing on inbound* (eg bug 979692 comment 71)
Adds a "none" option for the build type (both/opt/debug/none), makes it the default, and adds the red warning to the new option if still selected (same behaviour as for when "none" is selected for platforms). The label id "build_type-none" is so that the hyphen usage remains consistant with "platforms-none", but not that keen on the inconsistency in the file (naming + 4vs2 space indent, single vs double quotes etc).
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Tiny bit of cleanup; not doing the rest now :-)
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Add a "none" option and make it default

SGTM, but I'm not a peer of this code AFAIK :)
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Add a "none" option and make it default

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I'm not a great reviewer for this either, but I can surely rubberstamp.
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In production :-)
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