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Please grant :glandium ssh access to releng infra


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Note that at the moment, i only really care about slaves, but i guess there are other systems i may need to access some time in the future.
For sake of verifying is-ok

[00:01:49]	Callek	[May/15 20:56:57] catlee-away: soooo what level of access does :glandium need
[00:01:49]	Callek	[May/15 20:57:17] catlee-away: are we (a) giving him production passwords? (b) giving him cltbld/root ssh access to all machines (c) something else?
[00:01:49]	catlee-away	[May/15 20:59:32] enough to get his job done
[00:01:49]	catlee-away	[May/15 20:59:36] that's (b) for now I think
[00:01:49]	Callek	[May/15 20:59:44] catlee-away: specifically "what are we granting him" was more my Q
[00:01:49]	Callek	[May/15 21:00:02] ooook, if thats in a bug somewhere, I can make that happen *tonight*
[00:01:49]	catlee-away	[May/15 21:00:24] he was just added to some of the releng ldap groups
[00:01:49]	Callek	[May/15 21:00:43] yea, (b) is puppet work, and adding his ssh key to our keys.pp
[00:01:49]	Callek	[May/15 21:00:51] and a quick config change
[00:01:49]	Callek	[May/15 21:01:06] (doesn't address windows hosts, but I forget if we have a form of authorized_keys there)
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This adds Mike to the puppet configs for all our linux/mac slaves.
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After about 30 min you should be able to ssh into all slaves as cltbld (or root though always recommended to do cltbld first).

(masters/server class machines should also be doable to ssh as mhommey)

Always remember, "With great power comes great responsibility" please by all means ping us if anything seems wonky, and avoid in-production/active slaves where reasonably possible.
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