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Rotate image in edit mode


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In Gallery image editing mode. Provide a feature to rotate the picture. The rotate function is most common function.
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Keywords: polish
Whiteboard: ux-most-wanted-nov2014, 2x-uxnom, polish → ux-most-wanted-nov2014, 2x-uxnom
I am going to work on this. Do you have any UX guidelines for the interaction?
Assignee: nobody → thewanuki
Hi Joshua - The UX guidelines are on page 12 of the document here:

You shouldn't be required to create an account for or login to Box, so just flag me with ni? if there are any problems with document access. Thank you!
Thanks Stephany. Do you happen to have an icon that I can use in the toolbar, or should I create one?
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Nevermind, I found it.
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In the specification for rotation in edit mode, there are two diagonal lines crossing the image and a circular arrow. Are those part of the UI, or just to show the implementer that the image rotates?
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Flagging Tif. Sorry for the delay, Joshua - I was on vacation last week. :)
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Sorry - it was my turn for a mini-vacation! :)

"Tapping the Rotate icon displays a textual confirmation (A) and the icon changes to the ON state. Text fades out in 3 seconds."

The lines and the circle are not part of the UI that you need to implement. Just the text and icon state as mentioned above/in the spec.

LMK if you have further questions!
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Keywords: uiwanted
Whiteboard: ux-most-wanted-nov2014, 2x-uxnom → ux-tracking
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Firefox OS is not being worked on
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