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indexedDB stalling forever after calling IDBDatabase.transaction() with duplicate store names


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Steps to reproduce:

// Let db be an instance of IDBDatabase having an objectStore named "users".
db.transaction(["users", "users"], 'readwrite');

Actual results:

After specifying duplicate store names to the storeNames argument of transaction(), any request to the indexedDB will stall forever, until closing down firefox and opening it up again.

Expected results:

The entire indexedDB should not be stalled by such code. An error could have been thrown or the duplicate argument could have been ignored but.
Component: Untriaged → DOM: IndexedDB
Product: Firefox → Core
The spec sayeth: "If storeNames is of type sequence<DOMString> then let scope be the set of unique strings in the sequence."

Unforunately we don't perform the uniquification.
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r=me with that change

::: dom/indexedDB/IDBTransaction.cpp
@@ +117,5 @@
> +  // Remove any duplicate object store names
> +  uint32_t count = transaction->mObjectStoreNames.Length();
> +  if (count > 0) { // don't undeflow if count == 0
> +    for (uint32_t index = count - 1; index > 0; index--) {

Let's move count > 0 into the loop condition, and make it a const uint32_t.  That'll make this easier to read and the compiler should be smart enough not to check the condition every time through the loop.
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Sounds reasonable, wasn't a fan of the check either. I'll change this.
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0001-Bug-1013221-Remove-duplicate-object-store-names-when.patch (with review changes)

Review of attachment 8430967 [details] [diff] [review]:

In the future, when I give you r+ with comments it means I trust you to make the changes I asked for without me looking at it again, and you can just set r+ on the patch yourself.
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When looking briefly at the diff I don't see that it handles the situation when the same store name is listed first and last but not in the middle. Example:
  ["users", "tickets", "users"]
Hi David,

If you look a little bit above the change ( you'll see that the list is sorted before we check for duplicates, so it will work for the case you provided aswell.
Ok I got it, thanks!
Btw, thanks for the bug report David.  You gave us exactly what we needed to track down and fix the problem.
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