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languagechange is emitted twice for each language change


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I wanted to start using the languagechange event introduced in bug 889335 to handle language changes in the Gaia's l10n library (bug 1013929).

However, it looks like because of how we first reset the value of intl.language_code in (bug 796079) in order to make sure the new value is prepended to the default value of the pref, the event is emitted twice, which doesn't make it very helpful.

This happens in Firefox OS only, because we use mozSettings' language.current there.
Pike told me about getDefaultBranch() which works well here.  Vivien, can you take a look?
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use getDefaultBranch instead of clearUserPref

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Note that in the future we might want to change what value we store in language.current.  Right now it's a single locale code, but with bug 1005927, it will make sense to store the whole accept_languages string, which will make the task of updating intl.accept_languages easier.
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use getDefaultBranch instead of clearUserPref

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I realize now that I attached the output of a diff command instead of 'hg export.' My bad.  Let me know if you'd like me to attach a new patch, with correct commit metadata.
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I was able to get the commit information from your Try push, so that wasn't a huge deal. One request, though. Please do try to use commit messages that explain what your patch is doing rather than restating the problem it's solving. Thanks :)
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Thanks, Ryan!  I just copy&pasted the summary of this bug, but of course, it would have made sense to reword the commit messages as per the guidelines.  I'll keep that in mind!
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