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[Tablet] Alignment differences between entries in Settings menu


(Firefox for Android :: Settings and Preferences, defect)

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Tracking Status
firefox30 --- affected
firefox31 --- affected
firefox32 --- affected


(Reporter: ioana.chiorean, Unassigned)



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OS: Android 3.2 /4.0 /4.1
Device: Acer Iconia / Galaxy Tab/ Alcatel One Touch
Reproduced on 30.0b8, 31.0a2, 32.0a1

Steps to reproduce both on phone and tablet:
1. go to Settings-> Customize -> Home or Search
2. go to Settings-> Display

Expected Results:
- The entries should be consistent on the same device, with small differences between phones and tablets

Actual Results:
- on phone - entries are consistent aligned
- on tablet in Home and Search the alignment is not consistent. It seems ok in Search as the search engines have favicons but for home panels looks strange.
- See screenshots
Attached image phone.jpg
Not sure about specs so I am asking Ian for clarifications
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Yep, you're right. Everything should be aligned properly.

Looks like "automatic updates" and "show search suggestions" are floating out in space
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Summary: Inconsistency at entries in Settings → Settings alignment differences between phone and tablet devices
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Thanks guys for the fast input but As I mention in the description I do understand there are some difference at settings between phones and tablets (like sync position, how big the alignment is ).
The inconsistency I see is between tablet menus and entries in settings. I'm adding a better image for it (sorry for the design - gimp is not quite friendly)

As you can see all are aligned beside Customize -> Home and Customize -> Search.
Summary: Settings alignment differences between phone and tablet devices → [Tablet] Alignment differences between entries in Settings menu
Ah, thanks for these screenshots, Ioana. 

I was actually mistaken in comment 3. The sub-pages are the ones that need to be fixed -- they should be using the same indentation style as the top level pages.
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