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Make MAX_EMPTY_CHUNK_COUNT a GC tunable for B2G


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This is currently an #ifdef, because it was needed urgently. We should make this a tunable to reduce our #ifdef load and to allow us to tailor the value to the memory size on a per-device basis.
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Here's a patch to turn these into GC parameters.
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::: js/src/jsgc.cpp
@@ +250,2 @@
>  #else
> +static const unsigned DEFAULT_MAX_EMPTY_CHUNK_COUNT = 30;

Actually making and using the pref is trivial from here, so let's go ahead and do that in this patch too.

First, add a new javascript.options.mem.gc_ in nsJSEnvironment.cpp (around like 3000 or so). Then you can add the pref in mobile/android/app/mobile.js and b2g/app/b2g.js. That should be pretty much all that's needed.
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Ben, I expect you'll want to make use of this new preference in workers, at least until we can implement a shared per-process chunk pool.
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Yes, definitely.

Adding to shouldn't be too difficult I don't think (workers already watch a bunch of "javascript.options.mem" prefs), but if you'd rather have someone else do it in a separate bug that's fine too.
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(In reply to ben turner [:bent] (use the needinfo? flag!) from comment #4)
No problem, I can see how to handle adding new prefs.  But where are these prefs read from?  I couldn't find the config file.
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They come from the same prefs file as the main thread DOM stuff (all.js, etc.)
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Oh, so if you want worker-specific overrides you'd add "" and that would override whatever was in "" automatically. Both would go in all.js.
Just the js/src changes - add parameters for min/max empty chunk count.
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Set the preferences from the browser to their current values.

I haven't added any worker-specific ones, but could easily do this too.
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2  - Set the prefs from the browser

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Looks good!
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