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iFrame containing Javascript Alert dialog fails after leaving and returning to page


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Steps to reproduce:

Create element within iframe which uses javascript onclick to call alert(). Go forward a page (either through a link or by typing in a new URL), then hit back button.

Example outer frame ("outer.htm"):
<!DOCTYPE html>
<iframe src="frame1.htm"></iframe> <frame src=frame1.htm>

Example inner frame ("frame1.htm"):

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en"><body>
<a href="" onclick="alert('alert')">Show alert</a>
<a href="otherpage" target="_top">Next page</a>

To reproduce with above example:

* load outer.htm
* click on "Show alert" to verify alert works.
* click on "Next page" 
* hit back button
* click on "Show alert". Alert fails.

Actual results:

No alert dialog appears. 

Expected results:

An alert dialog appears.
This is really weird.  After the back we seem to have dialogs disabled on the current inner of the top window nsGlobalWindow::AreDialogsEnabled finds...  Are we ending up with things hooked up to the wrong inners somehow in the bfcache case?
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Note: apologies for the stray text - the Example Outer Frame "outer.htm" example should be:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<iframe src="frame1.htm"></iframe>
Something bizarre going here.
We load a new inner window?
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I don't _think_ we create new inners during the back navigation....
You don't need the any back-forward here to see the odd behavior.
Let me upload a testcase.
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Oh, silly me. That is coming from the <a>. We do load to a new page...
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Ok, so we never unhide contentviewers coming from bfcache. Patch and test coming.
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(still figuring out the tests)
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The test is a bit silly, but mimics the testcase in this bug without
actual alert, but focuses on the actual bug about ContentViewer.isHidden
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And yes, the whole setup of restoring from bfcache is rather horrible in ContentViewer/Docshell.
I'm sure mconley wants to clean it up ;)
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r=me if you add a nice IDL comment about who is or is not allowed to set that attribute and what setting it means.
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