Add the ability to control the default state of text vs. file attachment UI with a URL parameter




5 years ago
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(Reporter: MattN, Unassigned)



There are many times when I'm requesting logging/debugging information from users where the data will likely be on their clipboard so it would be nice to be able to link them to attachment.cgi for their bug with the "paste text as attachment" UI showing by default. It seems like some people overlook this option unless I'm verbose in my instructions. Perhaps just improving the discoverability of this toggle UI would be enough, but my original suggestion is to allow a query parameter to control the default UI state (ignoring cookies) and I would give the more specific URL to people needing to attach their log data. Having this easy method reduces the chances of users pasting log data in bug comments.

Example URL parameter:
File Upload:
Pasting Text:

Use cases:
1a) I want a user to attach the data from about:support in Firefox doe debugging. I ask them to click the "Copy raw data to clipboard" button on the page but then need them to upload it. Being able to provide a deep-link like above in my instructions would make it easier to get the data uploaded.
1b) I want a user to attach the data from their web/browser console. They select it and copy it and should be able to easily paste it into an attachment.

To make the query parameter more discoverable, attachment.cgi could use the replaceState API to update the URL of the browser when the visibility of the fields are toggled in the UI.
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