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[email] switch manifest type to privileged


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2.0 S4 (20june)


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Bug 1016503 moved the sound pref into the email app. That bug, and bug 1013929 using a localization change event, opens the email app to be a privileged app.

Once those two bugs are fixed, change the "type" to "privileged" in email's manifest.webapp.

Do this as a separate bug, so that if it needs to be reverted for some reason, the other changes that remove the need for settings access can still stay.
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Tested on Flame via a reset-gaia with latest gaia master and a nightly mozcentral gecko flash:

* Tested contacts interaction: was correctly not prompted for Contacts permission since installed on phone as part of build, fetching contact for display in message list/reader was correct, could still compose and add from contacts.

* Tested l10n switching: the email app correctly received locale changes. It still had some issues, tracked already in bug 1005760, but unrelated to the privileged switch -- for already in DOM elements, the locale was updated.

* Account setup, mail fetching and sending still work. Sound still plays when sending an email and that in-app pref is turned on.
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Yeah, yeah, yeah!
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While this works well on device installs, there are issues running in desktop firefox via a DEBUG=1 build, and a separate issue for integration tests, where installed apps do not seem to get their permissions upgraded. So the integration tests are showing the "allow contacts?" permission dialog, which breaks the tests.

I left some comments starting in bug 1014410 comment 12 about trying to get a handle on those cases, but I do not expect to find a solution given other workload and review for this sprint.

I am hopeful we can still allow this next sprint though since it is more about environment setup -- the app on its own works. However, it could be that the changes to get the debug and test environments correct push this out to 2.1.
Target Milestone: 2.0 S3 (6june) → 2.0 S4 (20june)
Depends on: 1022760
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Fixed the test issue by using marionette to dismiss the permission prompt. 

Landed on master:

from pull request:

With this change, it should be easier for email to work when the stricter no inline CSS CSP is enabled, email bug tracking that change is bug 1012652.

If that stricter CSP policy is going to be marked for 2.0+, this bug should be marked 2.0+ too.
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Blocks: 1012652
Oops did not mean to set 2.0? for this, only if the other CSP work is needed should it be flipped.
blocking-b2g: 2.0? → ---
No longer blocks: 1012652
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