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[ZTE Open C] mail app does not work correctly


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Gonk (Firefox OS)
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Steps to reproduce:

i added an account in the Mail app

Actual results:

the list of received mail appears OK

when i want to load a mail it takes anything from 10 minutes to above 12 hours

Expected results:

reading the given email
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Summary: mail app does not work correctly → [ZTE Open C] mail app does not work correctly
Whiteboard: [SUMO-b2g]
answered in the SUMO forum.  

May need to look at pop3; we're looking at downloading the actual mail onto the device so this may be expected depending on what's being received ( ie attachments, etc. )
I've commented on the sumo forum too.  My guess is that this is bug 925480 or bug 1012222.
Thanks Andrew.  I guess it boils down to needing more info.
Flags: needinfo?(nhirata.bugzilla)
This certainly needs more info but I think from what I see on the SUMO thread, this issue seems to be resolved now.. I think it's safe to close this.
Attached file Logs : email reading
Attachment #8466660 - Attachment description: Logs from the email issue → Logs : email reading

I'm encouting the exact same issue than jean pierre with my ZTE Open C using the same email provider (OVH) and IMAP

Platform version: 28.0
Version Identifier: 20140625152014
Git commit information: 2014-06-27 08:12:34 Unknown
Network: using a working wlan connection

Please find enclosed a screenshot of the problem. And logs from configuration to email reading

As soon as the email was readable (after 30 minutes !) all other emails were as well. When I receive new emails now, I can read them.

However I'm still not able to send emails. I will provide logs for this second issue ASAP.

i got a working setup with

Account type POP3+SMTP

Host name:
Port: 955

Host name:
Port: 465

sending and receiving work

besides that my ZTE Open C seems to be rather temperamental a device !
Attached file Logs: email sending
Here are logs of my attempt to send an email.
I stopped the log after one hour. The wheel was still moving blocking the device.
Thank you for your feedback Jean Pierre.
Unfortunately I really want to use IMAP, not POP.

As far as I understand, at the moment if I want to use emails with my phone I need to switch to POP3.
Thank you for the logs.  They indicate it's an IMAP folder sync issue.  Bug 1012222 is the best fit but it could also be bug 925480.

Workaround is to find out whatever folder you have that confuses the hierarchy parsing code and delete it/rename it or create the missing folder hierarchy.  See the related bugs for discussion.
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Duplicate of bug: 1012222
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