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Context menu items are inconsistently spaced


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In linux with Adwaita theme iconised items are spaced differently compared to all other items.

For example the back button has 4 (or 5 depending on whether you include the border) pixels padding on the left and 4 pixels of padding on the top. Regular menu items have 0px padding and highlight borders with blue as well (see the first attachment)

Moreover, the icons are spaced doubly on the top if there’s items above those icon items. See the second attachment.
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Summary: Context menu icon items are inconsistently spaced → Context menu items are inconsistently spaced
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The second attachment

There shouldn't be any items above (and we're fixing that in another bug), so I'm marking that screenshot as obsolete for now. We can focus on the other issues you highlighted. :-)
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The first issue will be fixed by bug 1016405.
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I reopened this issue as bug 1016405 did not fix the issue. Patch attached.
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Patch v1

I'm afraid this makes the icons look misaligned when they're not hovered, as there's less space above them than below them.
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I have 2 counter-arguments to that:

1. Currently context menu looks inconsistent with pretty much any theme unless the theme also has 4 pixel padding on top of context menu. I am not aware of any theme which is bundled with a major distribution and has 4 pixels of padding in that place (though I can’t say I’ve seen many of them either)
2. Following your complaint, in case context menu has only a single *regular* item before a separator, the text on first item should look misaligned too. The attachment is a screenshot of genuine context menu from GTK+ app.

Between what parts of context menu do you want icons to be aligned? Do you want icon to have the same amount of space between (the top of context menu and the top of icon) and (the bottom of icon and the visible part of separator)?

We should go for consistency and not appearance here IMO.
Also hardcoded value of 4 pixels is bad. For example GTK+2 Adwaita theme has 2 pixels margin-top on separator so I could say it looks as misaligned with those 4 pixels as without without them. I bet different themes also have different margins for the separator.
I still think my approach is the correct one. Can I get somebody to ui-review it?
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If you request ui-review from, somebody should theoretically take care of that.
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Could you please attached a screenshot, simukis?
(In reply to Sevaan Franks [:sevaan] from comment #11)
> Could you please attached a screenshot, simukis?

Sure, no problem! I will do screenshots for more themes if requested.

Note: Native screenshots are for GTK+3. The GTK+3 theme has 2 more pixels of margin-top on separators compared to GTK+2 (on which Firefox is currently based) theme.
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Screenshot of context menus

Please also provide a screenshot using Ubuntu.
This is screenshots of context menus made with fresh Ubuntu install for all themes that are available.

I made several mistakes making screenshots for high contrast theme (reload button looks odd, native context menu is different). Please disregard them.
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