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When we run in the tools repo, the wiki page gets updated by script

Unfortunately, if the text on the page contains an '&', this ampersand and anything afterwards gets removed from the page.

For example, see:

This page shows the diff between before and after has posted to the Maintenance wiki page.

Here you see on the left side (prior to update):
* {{Bug|989533}} - Enable e10s on m-c, m-i & try. r=aki <- bbot-cfgs

But on the right side it stops at (after update has been performed):
* {{Bug|989533}} - Enable e10s on m-c, m-i 

As you see, it has stopped at the ampersand, and additionally, *all lines* after this line have disappeared on the right side (the updated post).

This is because we are not url-escaping the text, and in the http post, the & is used to separate variables, e.g. text=123&apply=now would post two variables, "text" and "apply" (as an example). When we url-escape the text content, it should treat the full text as content for the page.
I've tested this patch, and successfully posted without losing content after the '&'. See:

As you can see, it has added the new lines, and this time, not truncated the former content.
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Patch for in tools repo
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This has been working fine since landing the patch, so I'm closing the bug now.
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