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Ensure QA is doing regular manual testing of migration from other browsers




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+++ This bug was initially created as a clone of Bug #1018679 +++

Juan/Marc, could you make sure testing migration from at least the latest version of all supported browsers is part of test suites in moztrap? The earlier in the channels, the better. We have basically no automated testing for migration at this time so manual testing is needed.

There were tests in litmus before but given that bug 1018679 would be obvious with manual testing and I don't see migration tests from a quick skim of moztrap, I assume those tests aren't being run anymore. My understanding is that litmus was replaced with moztrap but I hope that test cases were migrated. Please correct me if migration testing was being performed regularly.

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I will add it to our todo list and
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This isn't a release blocking issue, no need to track.
I nominated for tracking for 30 to ensure the testing gets done on it since we could have regressed the migrators while on Nightly or Aurora but didn't know about it. There's a possibility that testing will uncover blockers.
I have started updating https://wiki.mozilla.org/QA/Firefox_migrators with information to help testing. I haven't gotten around to adding the list of data types supported by each migrator yet.
I'm not sure it makes sense to request QA like this in Bugzilla and would prefer to see this handled via email. As Softvision does most (if not all) of the Beta/Release qualification, I would recommend contacting Florin Mezei or Otilia Anica by email. The exception being if you need testing on a specific bug, in which case you should just need-info one of us on that bug report.

Otherwise, migration has been part of the sign-off checklist for over a year. I've flagged Florin on this bug report so he is aware of your recent comment, but I recommend we just close this bug and use the preferred method to request QA in the future.
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Anthony is correct in his comment above, as in these requests should be handled via email, otherwise they tend to slip through the cracks. This was discussed with Lawrence Mandel and we are set to cover Migrators on every Beta cycle. You can see what was run in Firefox 40 Beta 4 here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZGOcdnEVy8RC1OPf2YPzKNPY3Df9lLmrdKarwjPcbFA/edit#gid=34497851.

Please remember to keep the wiki up-to-date (the Supported Data Types table was not available at the time we created the testcases) so we can also keep the tests updated.

Also please add me to fixes that are important for Migrators (like adding support for new type of data). This way we can verify them and also update our tests.

Since now these tests are mandatory in every Beta cycle, I'm resolving this as fixed.
Last Resolved: 3 years ago
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