Validation times out when uploading large packaged app

VERIFIED FIXED in 2014-06-17


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Steps to reproduce:

I'm trying to submit a new app to the marketplace.

I created a FxOS app and tested locally using App Manager
I zipped the files and then uploaded to the web form.

Potentially related.  I can't seem to generate an APK to test locally on Android.  I get a 504 response from the server.

Actual results:

The web form failed every time.

Expected results:

It should have accepted my upload and let me continue.

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4 years ago
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Screenshot of failed upload

I was able to reproduce this using your package. It is causing our validator to time out, sorry about that. I'm not sure why. As a workaround, could you maybe remove anything from the package?

The exact server error (for tracking) is here:
Ever confirmed: true
Summary: App Services not working → Validation times out when uploading large packaged app
Component: General → Developer Pages
Component: Developer Pages → Validation

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4 years ago
Sorry, I've already stripped it down to just 1.5mb.  I wouldn't consider that a large package.  I imagine most games are much larger with all their images and assets.

I could maybe get it down to half that size with some dead code removal and minification, (most my size is JS code) but that's substantial work and I can't do it today.
its not really the total zip size (1.5mb isn't big at all).

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4 years ago
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Updated screenshot of smaller file

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4 years ago
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updated zip with smaller size

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4 years ago
Just for fun, I removed some of the larger optional ace components and have a much smaller zip file.  It's still failing with the same error with only ~224kb of zip file.  I doubt this is a large file.

Comment 8

4 years ago
I filed my possibly related issue with the apk service at  Sorry if this is unrelated.

Comment 9

4 years ago
Running this locally it appears as though the validator is choking on some unicode in ace/ace.js. I output the JSON it got from spidermonkey and it ends referencing this area of ace.js.

> var _="→\n^K\f\r   <180e>              \u2028\u2029<feff>"

Deleting the content from ace.js allows validation to proceed at which point it fails on a similar line in ace/worker-coffee.js (and a bunch of other files).

> var H="→   \n^K\f\r   <180e>              \u2028\u2029<feff>"

Later it fails on src/pako/zlib/inflate.js with

>   File "/Users/mark/projects/app-validator/appvalidator/testcases/javascript/", line 357, in <lambda>
>     ">>>=": lambda l, r, gl, gr: float(abs(int(gl)) >> gr),
> TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for >>: 'int' and 'float'

Changing the erroring line to `">>>=": lambda l, r, gl, gr: float(abs(int(gl)) >> int(gr))` allows the small version to validate and that change along with removing the unicode files allows the full version to validate (more unicode work there I guess).


4 years ago
Assignee: nobody → mstriemer
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Target Milestone: --- → 2014-06-17

Comment 11

4 years ago
Verified as fixed in on FF33 (Win 7).
Postfix screencast
Closing bug.
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