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add gradient to input API


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We're switching from happy/sad to a 1-5 gradient.

We need to update the input API to take in a gradient.

It should require EITHER a happy/sad OR a gradient, but not both and not neither.

We should add tests to cover this.
Bumping this to 2014q3.
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Making this a P2. This is important to do this quarter.
Priority: -- → P2
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This is related to the Gradients project v2 and we're not going to tackle this until we're done with v1, so I'm pushing it to next quarter.
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Hey Will. Do we need this for Heartbeat though since we will be collecting data this quarter?
This doesn't affect Heartbeat because that's a separate API.

The confusion lies in the fact that I'm using terrible names for things and we need a better less ambiguous naming scheme for the various API endpoints. I'll figure out what to do about that and then go through and clean up the language soon-ish.
Sounds good. Just wanted to check!
We need to run through the gradient experiment before opening this up to the API. So I'm pushing this off.
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We haven't restarted this project, ergo I'm going to WONTFIX it.
Closed: 8 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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