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ICUService::getKey leaks |idToCache| if |isBogus|


(Core :: JavaScript: Internationalization API, defect)

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(Keywords: coverity, memory-leak, Whiteboard: [CID 1158226])

It should call |delete| on |idToCache| if it isn't null.

            UnicodeString* idToCache = new UnicodeString(currentDescriptor);
            if (idToCache == NULL || idToCache->isBogus()) {
                status = U_MEMORY_ALLOCATION_ERROR;
                return NULL;
Whiteboard: [CID 1158226] → [CID 1158226] [mentor=mccr8] [good first bug]
We should fix this upstream in ICU, and then downstream the fix, I guess.

Source location is at in our ICU import, and in the upstream source.
There's a bajillion Coverity warnings for ICU, FYI.
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Whiteboard: [CID 1158226] [mentor=mccr8] [good first bug] → [CID 1158226] [good first bug]
I'm removing the mentor stuff here because Waldo points out that actually dealing with all the upstreaming stuff for ICU will probably be a pain.
Mentor: continuation
Whiteboard: [CID 1158226] [good first bug] → [CID 1158226]
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