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No WebIDL overload allowed when extended attributes differ


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Can't do something like this:

interface CanvasPattern {
  [Throws, LenientFloat]
  void setTransform(double a, double b, double c, double d, double e, double f);

  void setTransform(SVGMatrix matrix);

the error is:

Extended attributes differ on different overloads of <unresolved scope>::setTransform...

Ehsan suggested this is a bug, so here we go.
This probably is We have no particular plans to change this behavior at this time.  It would require storing separate extended attribute sets for each signature of the overload set, and many extended attributes don't make sense on a per-overload basis.

In this case, you can simply put LenientFloat on the second overload, of course.
Er, ignore the "This probably is" bit above.
Yes, not really blocking any work.  On a side note, can't actually put LenientFloat on the second override, we get a different error :)
> we get a different error

Er... which one?
(In reply to Boris Zbarsky [:bz] from comment #4)
> > we get a different error
> Er... which one?

"[LenientFloat] used on an operation with no restricted float type arguments" from
> "[LenientFloat] used on an operation with no restricted float type arguments"

Ah.  We should relax that for the overload case, I guess, and either do that check once we have all the overloads or allow [LenientFloat] to be specified on some overloads but not others and make sure it ends up on the operation if it's on any of the overloads.

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This assumes that LenientFloat won't break float-less overload behavior.

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Allow LenientFloat to be only in a specific overload r=bzbarsky
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