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Page panning gestures are consumed by page video container divs, unable to pan page if gesture initiated from within


(Firefox for Android :: Toolbar, defect)

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firefox29 --- affected
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(Reporter: aaronmt, Unassigned)




*  Visit

*  Scroll down to the 'More Stores' section at the bottom

*  Initiate a pan up gesture from within the video container to scroll to the top of the page

The video container divs consume the gesture and the page feels stuck as the user tries to scroll the page up.

We should be courteous here and not consume the user initiated gesture in the video container divs. 

Tested this on Nightly (06/06), LG Nexus 5 (Android 4.4.3).

I see this across all channels so it is not a regression.
If the content is calling preventDefault on the touch events, then we have to respect that. I haven't looked into what exactly is happening here but it smells like a Tech Evangelism bug rather than a Firefox bug.
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