Implement Xrays to Iterators




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Right now, we don't have any special Xray support for iterators, so they end up creating objects in the target scope. This is a problem for iterators that produce things like [key, value] pairs, because the resulting Array gets Xrayed, and our filtering policy for Arrays ends up denying access to elements in pair.

This means that the following:

for (let [key, value] of someMap.entries())

can return various degenerate values, depending on what's in the Map. We should probably just not return such entries from the iterator, and adjust the size() of the Map appropriately.
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Tom, do you want to take a stab at this one too?
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I looked into this before and it's definitely annoying. Currently the iterators don't have ProtoKeys. The behavior of skipping values that aren't Xray described in comment 0 definitely needs special code as well. I would help anyone who wants to try this, but I will probably not do this before summer.
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