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gaia is listed on MXR, but not DXR.
Please may we add it?

My use case that github doesn't solve very well:

Searching for a file to find where it is in the gaia repo & then look up the log for it. I can't find a URL parm I can use to search for a filename, only code.
See Also: → bug 809955
Hi, Ed! Fubar is having a look. Because of how DXR does its analysis, we'll have to get Gaia to build if we want structural querying. (It sounds like you just want filenames or paths?) So we're starting step 1: get it to build. Thanks for the request!
Hi! The main reasons for asking were that it is my understanding that:
* Github code search often fails to find results (their indexing is often out of date and/or incomplete, from my experience).
* Even if Github code search was excellent, it's great to be able to have consistency across mozilla-central and gaia/other B2G repos - to minimise the impact on devs given the B2G projects insistence on using Github/a different DVCS from the rest of the project. This is presumably why devs filed bug 809955 to get gaia added to MXR.
* MXR is EOL and will be switched off at some point in the future.

For my own personal use cases, much of the time, directory/file listings is all I will need, however some of the time I would need to search file contents - something that will be of particular importance to platform devs I imagine, given bug 809955. 

Thanks :-)
Eugh... after chopping and changing the order of some of comment 2, it really doesn't read brilliantly - my apologies.
Reads just fine to me. :-) Fubar, our ops wizard, is taking a look. Thanks!
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2 years ago
this has been added as a text-only index for the moment. need to circle back after the mxr tire fire is out to try building it
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