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[RB Search] Remove horizontal scroll bar from suggestions


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If possible the scroll bar should be invisible when scrolling through suggestions.
Hey Dale, is this something you can help out with?  Don't know if it's something that will be simple to change.  Let me know, thanks!
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Can take a look, are we just hiding the scrollbar, the user will still be able to scroll the results but no feedback shown?
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So this isnt currently possible with current css overflow options, webkit has the ability to seperately style scrollbars which we specifically dont support. Implementing the other workarounds that fake scrollabale areas we definitely shouldnt support.

kats, is there any way I am missing to hide scrollbars but still allow scrolling

More likely Eric, if we cant do this, what should we do? ellipsis for the overflowing text seems reasonably
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The contacts app hides the scrollbar by making the scrollable pane a little wider and clipping it. See for example - that might be an option here.
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Heh that was what I was trying to avoid, if we are doing that in gaia we may as well support scrolbar styling, but we can do it, to be honest I think applying text-overflow styling is preferable or only showing the number of results we can display, having that area scroll seems confusing, will wait for eric to weigh in.
Hey Dale, thanks for bringing up the issue of not having any feedback for the user.  Can we add a fade on the right side and remove the scroll bar?

On the 10px from the right edge it should go from 0% to 100% opacity.  I've updated the spec to include this.

Let me know what you think and if all good flag me for review :)

Thanks Dale!
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No longer blocks: vertical-home-next
The fade isnt possible to do, since the background is user selectable, I can do the hiding the scrollbar but sans fade
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Talked with eric offline, original hiding scrollbar is fine, UX are gonna work on a new spec for this for 2.1

This is blocking- but figured can fix on master and can look at uplift depending on how risky it gets with blockers
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I tried it and it seems fine to me. Should we do a ui-review pass on it?
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I did a check with eric offline ( there will be a follow up but hes gonna open a new bug for it, and definitely post 2.0
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This is very small visual polish that is needed for the vertical homescreen.
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