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Using Fira as default font in Bugzilla


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Can we set Fira Sans & Mono as the default fonts on Bugzilla?
We are trying to get more and more products to use it as its a Mozilla product. Its a complete font and this would also be a good place to dog food it.

Font can be found here:
Summary: Using Fira in Bugzilla → Using Fira as default font in Bugzilla
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bmo currently follows the sandstone styleguide at which specifies use of the open-sans typeface.

are there plans to update the styleguide?
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dkl - thoughts on switching to fira?
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I also think that the style guide should use Fira to promote the Mozilla brand. Will file a bug for that.

Note that Fira Mono is currently broken.
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bugzilla with fira

Looks great to me :)
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This is the patch I used to take a look on my local checkout.
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i have a slightly different patch which includes more weights. i'll attach for review once the mono font issue is resolved.
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fira 3.110 has been released.  will attach fonts.
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Looks good and no issues that I can see. r=dkl
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And I wondered whether somebody broke my fonts when I got this awful appearance on bugzilla today.
Fuzzy and hard to read on Win XP. I have gfx.font_rendering.cleartype.use_for_downloadable_fonts=false.
Seems to be the first font that looks better with cleartype than without.
the body font is not exactly a good place to "promote the brand". that's why most style guides use more "standard" typefaces, that don't really stand out.
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