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browser_819510_perwindowpb.js crashes when run locally due to about:home snippets accessing the network


(Firefox :: Session Restore, defect)

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Firefox 33


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I don't know why this doesn't happen on our CI but it does happen for me locally.
It might also make sense to move that pref to a global place where it's set for all prefs. Otherwise other tests will probably just start failing whenever new tests are added.
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How is this test loading about:home? I thought we had removed it from most of the tests
I have no clue. Something must be loading snippets, I don't know what exactly.
Yeah, about:home is actually getting loaded but I don't know why :) Doesn't happen when I run only this single test but happens always when I run the whole test suite.
about:home is the default page that is loaded when opening new windows. We should change sessionstore tests to explicitly open new windows with about:blank as the start page.
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I totally missed that the failing test behaves differently on OSX and runs a different set of tests, how evil.
Pushed again with a small fix for non-OSX platforms:
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