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Extract GeckoInputDispatcher Into It's own File


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Right now the Gecko Input Dispatcher code is stuck in gonk/nsAppShell.cpp. Since we want to do interpolation and resampling, we should move it out into it's own file.
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Hey Kats, if you could please review this. Just extracted out the GeckoInputDispatcher code into its own file. Didn't change any of the logic. Thanks!

And the try build for now looking good for now:
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I don't see the value in doing this. nsAppShell basically only holds input handling code along with some basic hook ups for nsAppShell.
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I think this is worth doing, as eventually there's going to be a touch event interpolator in here somewhere as well (although we'll probably want to reuse that bit across platforms). However I'm not a peer for gonk widget code, so redirecting review to mwu.
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After talking with :mwu, he suggested we create a different file, GeckoTouchDispatcher and do the touch interpolation + vsync dispatch there. He thinks its cleaner to keep nsAppShell the center of all input events, which I concur with. So the architecture is:

nsAppShell::GeckoInputDispatcher > GeckoTouchDispatcher.cpp. In GeckoTouchDispatcher.cpp, we interpolate the events. This might also be useful if we port it to other platforms. Because of this change, this bug is resolved.
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