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Remove irrelevant and sometimes wrong extensions from certificates generated for xpcshell tests


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In particular, these scripts all generate end-entity certificates with KU that includes crlSign and/or certKeySign. This causes the tests to fail with the fixes for bug 1006812.

Like I said when I originally reviewed (some of) these patches, we should not include any irrelevant certificate extensions in the test certificates. Otherwise, we may reject a certificate for a different reason than the test is expecting us to, due to the irrelevant extension. Or, perhaps the opposite (less likely).

I didn't fix every script. Instead I only fixed the ones that block bug 1006812 from landing.
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Almost r+, please keep the crl extension.

::: security/manager/ssl/tests/unit/test_ev_certs/
@@ -31,5 @@
>  aia_suffix ="/\n"
> -intermediate_crl = ("crlDistributionPoints = " +
> -                    "URI:\n")
> -endentity_crl = ("crlDistributionPoints = " +
> -                 "URI:\n")

The idea of having the crls here is to ensure we are NOT contacting the crl server. Please leave this extension.
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Thanks for the quick reviews! And, thanks for finding my bug. Here's a new version of the patch that restores the CRL-related parts of test_ev_certs/
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