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[B2G][NFC] demo app to support bug 979152


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2.1 S3 (29aug)
feature-b2g 2.1
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b2g-v2.1 --- fixed


(Reporter: wesley_huang, Assigned: tauzen)



User Story

Scope: the demo app is for showing HCI event/notifications


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Blocks: 979152, 979154, 979157
blocking-b2g: --- → backlog
feature-b2g: --- → 2.1
Summary: [B2G][NFC] demo app to support 979152, 979154, 979157 → [B2G][NFC] demo app to support bug 979152, bug 979154, bug 979157
Assignee: nobody → kmioduszewski
No longer blocks: 979154, 979157
Summary: [B2G][NFC] demo app to support bug 979152, bug 979154, bug 979157 → [B2G][NFC] demo app to support bug 979152
User Story: (updated)
QA Whiteboard: [COM=NFC]
WIP demo app source code is here: This version uses obsolete Gecko patch from Bug 979767 to get the HCI EVT_TRANSACTION notification.

There is still an ongoing discussion about how to deliver the notification to Gaia app, see here Bug 1037380 and here Once this will be agreed and implemented in gecko, the app will be updated.
Depends on: 979767
Hi Krzysztof,
Can you set the target milestone to either sprint2 or sprint3?
Done. As this is a test app I'm not sure where in gaia should I place this. Should I add this to dev_apps folder?
Depends on: 1037380
Target Milestone: --- → 2.1 S3 (29aug)
Maybe Alive can help to suggest. We do need to place the demo app somewhere (engineering build), but not necessary in user build.
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Yes, dev_apps is where you could place any test apps.
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Hi, do you have any update for this bug? We need to land this bug before 8/29. Thanks.
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Assuming that there won't be much changes introduced in Bug 979767, this could be landed. It's working for me with the latest code from Garners development branch.

Who could review this?
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Hello Tim,

This is a demo app for testing user story from Bug 979152. It will be used by QA so I want to land this in gaia dev_apps. Could you point out a person who could review this?
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I can rubberstamp this. We actually against putting things as a new app (API manual tests/demo should be put in UI Test app), however since this app needs to handle system message, we might as well put one more app into dev_apps.
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Comment on attachment 8476612 [details] [review]

Hi Tim, since the decision in Bug 979767 was made to use only system-message it would be good if you could review this. 

Changes to the app should not be needed, we might require to change one property name in the manifest file.
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Attachment #8476612 - Flags: review?(timdream) → review+
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Closed: 8 years ago
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