Is ClearBogusContentEncodingIfNeeded() needed?




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3 years ago
Newer Apache configurations reportedly do not require this hack.

Due to the broken patches of bug 542222 I cannot find the history of this method.
Introduced here

Why do you believe we need to remove it?
Luckily, this is actually CVS-era code.  ;)

This was added in bug 35956.  In particular, see bug 35956 comment 64.

Comment 3

3 years ago
It seems bug comment 120 goes to the heart of the issue.

Honza, we should either get our non-standard behavior in the network layer standardized, or remove it. Otherwise Servo will have a hard time competing with us.
Note that specifically for the save-to-file behavior what we actually do is completely ignore the Content-Type when deciding whether to decode. We just compare the URI filename extension, if any, to the Content-Encoding.  If the Content-Encoding matches the filename extension, we don't undo the content encoding; otherwise we undo it.

So if you send:

  Content-Type: text/html
  Content-Encoding: gzip

and the filename is "foo.html" then we'll gunzip when saving, but if it's "foo.html.gz" then we won't.

Comment 5

2 years ago
Any chance of getting telemetry on how often this actually happens?
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