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4 years ago
Here is the immediate view

Simple count and age over time, with vendor selector may work out fine.

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4 years ago
Prototype is

My recent email the Nicole:

On 18/07/2014 11:56 AM, Kyle Lahnakoski wrote:
> Looking at the chart today (
> we see there are 76 bugs with a median age of 129.85 days.  The list of bugs at the bottom of the
> dashboard are sorted by age; 1/2 way down the list we see the 38th and 39th bugs are 140.8 days and
> 130.9 days respectively for a median of 135.85*** (The average works out to 147.5 days).
> ** Open bugs are only included because even closed bugs were once open, and when
> they were open they are included in the Age in Days chart calculation.    Looking at the week
> starting March23 we see 64 bugs with a median age of 73.31 days.  Clicking on the Open Bug Count
> chart we can get the list of the 64 open bugs, some of them closed now.   You may be asked how old
> are the bugs you have closed in the past month (or some other time interval); I believe this is not
> a good measure because it ignores the open-and-neglected bugs.
> ***One caveat I failed to mention is the bug age on the chart is the number of days the bug was
> marked as belonging to the partner and NOT the age of the bug itself.  I believe this is a better
> measure because you can not expect a partner to work on a bug until someone has at least identified
> as something the partner should work on. The ages shown on the bug list at the bottom is the actual
> age of the bug, so they are showing a little older.  This discrepancy is confusing but at least the
> Age in Days chart is a fair representation of how old the partner bugs are.

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11 months ago
This project is long dead
Last Resolved: 11 months ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
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