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e10s - Using an IME to type a sentence causes Nightly to think the tab has crashed


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Steps to reproduce:

Switched to a Chinese input method and began typing a sentence (that is not even long)

Actual results:

Firefox Nightly claimed that the tab had crashed because it “tried to display this Web page but it’s not responding” (which is extremely unlikely because it was responding all right as far as I could see)

Expected results:

It should have allowed me to finish typing the sentence.
Mike, can you move this to the right place, considering it's clearly e10s-related? :-)
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Summary: Using an IME to type a sentence causes Nightly to think the tab has crashed → e10s - Using an IME to type a sentence causes Nightly to think the tab has crashed
I have trouble reproducing my own bug. I got it twice and thought I had a bug, but it didn’t crash the third time so this might be a false alarm.
Sure - entering into e10s backlog. Thanks for the heads up, Gijs!
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Juan said he would find someone to test this IME crash.
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Definitely reproducible using m-c rev 424600750c75 on Mac 10.9.4.

1. Open new e10s window.
2. In the Google search box in the middle of the screen, start typing "womenshi" in Pinyin - Traditional (IME keyboard choice in Mac system preferences) to show “我們是" (Eng: we are) and some other characters.
3. Tab crashes, as per screenshot in comment 0.

Before you finish typing the last few characters, the tab crashes. Bumping severity because it essentially makes e10s browsing useless for folks typing using CJK input methods.
Severity: normal → major
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I was testing this beside Bill in an ASan build from rev 340b19c14d3d and it didn't seem to crash anymore. 

This isn't completely working properly though, I could have focus on the Google search box, switch applications, switch back to Firefox with focus on the search box, and the IME will then no longer work.
Blocks: e10s-ime
I’m currently at 2014-07-13 and it also is no longer crashing on me. However, I’m also seeing the same behaviour as what Gary saw. The crash seems to have morphed into a different bug, and it’s no longer just affecting IME’s; it’s also affecting characters entered through the Option key on the Mac.
Move old M2's low-priority bugs to M6 milestone.
Juan, lets get some QA testing done on this to see if this bug still exists. Last report was June of 2014.
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I haven't been able to reproduce this problem on the latest nightly on Mac using the steps in comment #5. I can type using Pinyin - Traditional characters. No content crash.

I wasn't able to reproduce the other problem described where after switching application focus the IME input type would no longer work.

Reporter, could you try it again and see if it still a problem for you?
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WFM based on comment 10
Closed: 9 years ago
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