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Win64 head_update.js | this test can only run on builds with signed binaries


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Windows 7
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Currently we don't sign binaries on Win64 (bug 711210). 

This error didn't show up on my Date merge of June 10:
But it has shown up since the merge of June 24:

From a quick glance through code, it's not immediately clear why this started failing only recently.
Likely due to other work we are doing to get the maintenance service working on win64 for app update.

Brian, is this something you can fix without it taking time from your openh264 work? If not, I'll take it. Thanks
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Are there any changes for the Date branch? From TBPL output? It looks like the failing test is on an x86 build and the x64 builds (Windows 2012 x64) don't run tests.  Is it maybe set to always build x64 and output to the Windows 8 lines?

If this is a failure with x64 builds I can take Robert. It's likely just adding a skip for those tests on x64.
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I found the disposable branches wiki and it says the Date branch is for x64 so it must just be setup to build x64 builds and output on the x86 lines on  I'll take this.
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It's a bit messy. Date produces x86 and x64 builds with their tests results both under the "Windows 8" line. You can search "build_url:" in the log to know which is which, but if only one in the pair fails, it's a pretty safe bet that it's x64.

Plus there was also supposed to be another group of machines putting results under the "Windows 2012 x64" line, but they rotted away. Those jobs stay pending forever until a sheriff kills them.

Anyway, bottom line, yes it's an x64 failure :)
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Haven't tested yet, but I think this is what's needed.
:dmajor, Could I push and immediately backout to Date to see if it fixes the problem?
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Verified that it works on Date now.
Once x64 signing is done we can re-enable.
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Is there a bug filed for re-enabling the tests after the binaries are signed?
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No but I'll add one when landing
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