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4 years ago
Full MAC randomization is an important privacy-enabling feature. Some Android devices do this by default, and it is similar to the iOS8-like approach suggested in bug 1022444.

(Jan Keromnes [:janx] in bug #1022444 comment #9)
> From [...] feedback I collected, randomizing just for scanning
> is not enough, the really useful anti-tracking feature would come from MAC
> randomization every time the interface comes up (WiFi is reenabled).
> However, this would cause problems e.g. with MAC-filtering networks
> (commonplace among enterprise networks and some home routers), so I guess
> the feature will need to be optional (behind a pref) and configurable from
> the Firefox OS settings.
> For ideal privacy, the device should randomize on every interface up, but
> you'd be able to fix your address for some saved networks when needed.

I think we can implement this feature in two steps:

- First we should introduce a pref (off by default, exposed in settings) to enable MAC randomization every time the WiFi interface comes up.

- Then we could add an option to force a constant MAC address for a given network, allowing users to activate the privacy feature while still being able to use networks with MAC-filtering.

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Adding privacy and sec-want keywords.
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Firefox OS is not being worked on
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