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Nested-OOP support for v2.1


(Core :: DOM: Content Processes, defect)

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2.1 S3 (29aug)
feature-b2g 2.1


(Reporter: jeliu, Assigned: mchen)



(Whiteboard: [FT:Stream3][2.1-feature-qa+])

No description provided.
Blocks: Stream3_2.1
Depends on: 1020204, 812403, 1020157
Whiteboard: [FT:Stream3]
feature-b2g: --- → 2.1
What is this meta bug about? Is that a followup to nested content processes?
Depends on: 1020179, 1020186, 1020196
This is the meta bug of nested-oop related features which will be committed by Stream3 team for v2.1 scope.
However, we only include the essential bugs for now, not all of them.
Depends on: 1020172
Isn't this the same as bug 1020135?
This bug only contains the essential nested-oop features we're going to support for v2.1.
The scope of bug 1020135 is much bigger than this one.
Rename this bug to avoid confusion.
Summary: Nested-OOP support → Nested-OOP support for v2.1
Blocks: nested-oop
(In reply to Fabrice Desré [:fabrice] from comment #1)
> What is this meta bug about? Is that a followup to nested content processes?

The list here is came out by the discussion with Kan-ru.
In order to show up widget on nested oop iframe, we need to fix them at least in the V2.1.
Depends on: 1040561
QA Whiteboard: [2.1-feature-qa+]
QA Whiteboard: [2.1-feature-qa+] → [2.1-feature-qa?]
QA Whiteboard: [2.1-feature-qa?]
Whiteboard: [FT:Stream3] → [FT:Stream3][2.1-feature-qa+]
Flags: in-moztrap?(fyen)
QA Contact: fyen
No longer depends on: 1020179
Target Milestone: --- → 2.1 S3 (29aug)
Jenny, are you planning to land this in 2.1? Or, just to master? 
If it's going to land to master only, maybe we can remove feature-b2g:2.1. 
What do you think?
Flags: needinfo?(jeliu)
And, can you assign a component(not General)? Thanks! 
General component is used for bugs that we don't know which components we should assign.
Component: General → DOM: Content Processes
Product: Firefox OS → Core
Yes, we already have a plan before to discuss on it within the team at the end of this week.
Thanks for your suggestion, Kevin. :)
Flags: needinfo?(jeliu)
Assignee: nobody → mchen
No longer depends on: 1020172
No longer depends on: 1020196
No longer depends on: 1020157
No longer depends on: 1020186
Confirmed with EM/EPM, and this can be landed before FL.
Flags: in-moztrap?(fyen)
No longer depends on: 1040561
Closed: 6 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Flags: in-moztrap-
No end-user QA verification needed, so marking verified.
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